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Ten Reflections on Starting A Mindfulness Practice

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Anthony Pantaleno, Ph.D. © 2010

  1. The practice of mindfulness starts with a small commitment of time grows over a lifetime. Please review my past articles with resources for starting a mindfulnesspractice on my web site at www.drpantaleno.com.
  2. Find a time in your busy day where you can carve out 5-10 minutes and just breathe slowly while you observe the sensations of your breath. Your “monkey mind” will wander as it has done your whole life. Just acknowledge where it went off to and gently escort your attention to your breath as often as needed.
  3. Make a small investment in a set of mindfulness CDs. I would highly recommed the series by Jon Kabat-Zinn available at www.mindfulnesscds.com. If you really want to treat yourself, you can purchase a mat and a sitting cushion at www.dharmacrafts.com
  4. Try to set aside a daily time to use the CDs in what is called “formal” meditation practice. Remember to do informal meditation practices like eating a meal mindfully, showering mindfully, doing the dishes mindfully, etc.
  5. Watch some online video materials on Youtube which will enhance your understanding of the roots of mindfulness.
  6. Review the books, DVDs, and audio CDs available at www.soundstrue.com and www.newharbinger.com. When someone asks what you’d like as a birthday or holiday gift, ask for an item that will build your own mindfuness library.
  7. Join the Mindfulness in Education listserv (www.mindfuled.org ) or check out area mindfulness classes and retreats at www.eomega.org.
  8. There is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” meditation. If you did it, you’re good!
  9. Be aware of your “doing mind” evaluations (This is boring, my leg hurts, when willthis be over?). Make friends with it, just let it know that sometimes, your “being” is more important than your “doing.”
  10. Be gentle, forgiving, and kind to yourself. Be patient, accepting, and open.You are cultivating a lifestyle that has enormous benefits for the rest of your life.

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