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Four-Session Evaluation

For individuals or families new to my practice, I typically conduct an evaluation of four sessions to develop a treatment plan to address the presenting problems efficiently.

During the pandemic, I am offering telehealth services on a secure Zoom platform. My evaluation via telehealth is three sessions and not four.

Session I

I spend some time introducing myself, how I work, and getting a "snapshot" of the reasons for your seeking my services. We discuss the limits of confidentiality, how to reach me in an emergency, and how to engage any other persons who may be involved in the treatment process.

Session II

I spend this session alone with the young adult or the adult client. I learn more about how he/she/they sees the world, thinks and interprets situations, and expresses feelings. We also discuss what is valued in life and how to get closer to these values. We do an overview of treatment strategies and discuss the personality assessment which will take place during the third session.

Session III

Parents are seen alone, while the youth completes one or more paper-and-pencil questionnaires. Adults complete this assessment immediately after their third session. Some of these assessments may include one of the Millon Clinical Inventories, the Personal Problems Checklist, the Behavior Assessment Scales – Third edition, or some other relevant surveys or checklists. Some of these will have a fee attached and some will not.

Session IV

Adult referrals, or family referrals are seen together OR the parent(s) and child are seen separately for a discussion of the outcomes and recommendations based on the sessions we have held.

Note that during the first three evaluation sessions, we discuss the type of treatment approach which might work best as well as the frequency of visits. Clients may reduce the frequency of visits by demonstrating positive behavior change. Not all clients require weekly psychotherapy visits, and I encourage all of those I work with to empower themselves to become an active, rather than a passive participant in their treatment sessions.

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