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Letter to Referral Sources

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Anthony Pantaleno, Ph.D., Director
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I hope that you had a spectacular summer with some time to catch your breath, do some traveling with your loved ones, bask in the sunny days, and revitalize your soul.

I will continue to be available to any of your families who are seeking outpatient psychotherapy services. The age range of most of my referrals is from about age twelve to about age thirty, although I do occasionally see younger children or older adults as well. Please refer any interested parents to my web page at www.drpantaleno.com. Almost all of the typical questions that parents ask are answered somewhere on that site. Other mental health resource information is available there as well.

A typical question asked by new patients is whether I take insurance. While I am an out-of-network provider and accept no third-party insurance, I will take the time to walk new referrals through an explanation of what this means. If I cannot accommodate them personally, I will assist them in locating a quality treatment provider.

I will also continue to be available to offer introductory mindfulness workshops to professional audiences of teachers, mental health support staff, parents, or students. The fee for these workshops is my same hourly therapy fee.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral or a mindfulness workshop, please feel free to call or to e-mail me at drpantaleno@gmail.com.

Thank you for all of your past referrals and, if you have not referred before, please know that it is my wish to offer you the highest level of professional services available.

Remember to take some time to really notice the changing of the seasons, the blazing colors, the chill in the air, and know that in the big scheme of things, as the song goes…it’s a wonderful world!

Best Wishes,

Anthony Pantaleno, Ph.D.

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