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Mindfulness Workshops for Parents


Dear Parents,

Do you sometimes lie awake at night trying to solve yesterday’s (or tomorrow’s) problems?

Do you need some new stress-management tools to manage life’s obstacles but don’t have the time or resources to see a therapist regularly?

Would you be interested in participating in a one-session workshop with other parents for the purpose of developing a calming meditation practice?

Then plan to sign up for "Mindfulness-Based Stress Management for Parents"

Dates: This workshop will be repeated on different dates to be announced.

Instructor: Dr. Anthony Pantaleno

Location: Pantaleno Psychological Services, PLLC (alternative location may be selected if additional space is needed)

Course Objectives: All participants will:

  1. Learn how our “doing minds” can be set aside at our discretion to make room for the calmer space within our “being minds.”
  2. Participate in a variety of live mindfulness meditation practices such as an eating meditation, a breathing meditation, and a body scan.
  3. Plan and implement a daily meditation practice that fits into their lifestyles.

Cost: $200 per person includes the workshop, a four-CD set for home practice, and an accompanying workbook. Payment in full is payable to “Pantaleno Psychological Services” at the time of registration. This course is educational in nature and therefore not subject to insurance reimbursement. There are no refunds.

Register by calling Pantaleno Psychological Services at 631-543-8336 or by e-mail at drpantaleno@drpantaleno.com

IMPORTANT!!! Please wear comfortable clothes – sweat pants are great – and bring a blanket or yoga mat and a cushion or pillow for some exercises that are done on the floor. Come learn how to unleash the soothing power of your breath, your senses, and your heart while having some fun too!


MINDFULNESS is a state of mind which is:

  • Friendly, welcoming, nonjudgmental, and
  • Focuses on present-moment awareness.
  • Fosters an acceptance of WHAT IS with the intent of observing and not permitting anything from the past or the future to stick to us (also called “wise mind” or “teflon mind.”)

Mindfulness meditation asks that we INTENTIONALLY STOP the flow of our habitual unconsciousness, inattention, multitasking, and the 24/7 flow of our thoughts. It is the shift from the “auto-pilot” mode of our minds to the BEING mode of mind. It is experiential, not cognitive.

If we can learn to be mindful of our moments, and use our breath as an anchor to keep us in the present, we are ALL capable of learning how to change our relationship to our physical and emotional pain. We learn how to accept and work with difficult mind states instead of desperately trying to control them, change them, force them to be other than they are, or running to avoid or escape them.

Mindfulness opens your mind by opening your heart. It’s fundamental principle is that we are asleep during most of our waking lives, and extends an invitation for us to “fall awake”. Practiced for 2,500 years in India and China, it has found its way into the mainstream American lifestyle, and is changing the way we conceptualize and manage 21st Century stress.

This experiential workshop will feature a combination of video, lecture, and lots of user-friendly mindfulness practices that you can take home with you and start to use immediately. An extensive list of resource materials will be provided to participants so that they can develop a daily mindfulness practice that suits their individual lifestyles.

Those who would like a taste of mindfulness may go to Youtube.com and put into the search box “Jon Kabat Zinn" at Google. This is an experiential lecture given by one of the masters of mindfulness…Enjoy!

Dr. Anthony Pantaleno

To preview the workbook we will be using, go to www.mbsrworkbook.com. There you will find a series of interactive lectures and exercises that will give you some idea of what we will be doing in this workshop.

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