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For teens and young adults...

There is so much to share with you that will hopefully help to always bring you back to your original goodness. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, or other mood states which are getting in the way of a happier life, there is so much to share with you that will help you.

For parents...

It is not easy these days. The electronic 24/7 nature of your children’s lives seems to pull them away from you, especially their reliance on electronic communication instead of talking with and being with you. For some parents, their own issues have become such a burden that the prospect of raising happy and well-adjusted children can seem overwhelming at times. There is hope and help for you as well.

For educators & fellow mental health practitioners...

I stand ready to collaborate with you. As a School Psychologist of thirty plus years, I can appreciate your unique challenges as you try to provide a quality education to our young people. Together, we can tackle any issue and bring it to a better place. Since it is recognized that sound emotional well-being supports a more effective learner, it is often a combination of school-based resources along with outside therapeutic support that can get the job done.

Koru Mindfulness

Stressed out over college? Friends? Relationships?

What’s the best strategy to ease your worried mind?

Pantaleno Psychological Services is proud to announce an opportunity for your son, daughter, or family member to get a head-start on planning for a successful transition to college, and to support continued success for those who are already there. The Koru Basic mindfulness course is being offered to students ages 16-24. Koru Basic is one of the fastest growing and scientifically-validated stress management programs available today for older adolescents and emerging adults.

With college counseling centers across the country facing an unprecedented number of students seeking assistance in managing depression, anxiety, academic stress, homesickness, and adapting to college life, Koru is an excellent choice for creating a toolkit of emotion-regulating and self-soothing mental skills.

We're offering two different opportunities to bring this beneficial course to your students: Our four-session courses at our location or on-site classes at YOUR location.

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Koru Mindfulness

School and Clinical Training In Mindfulness: Where Do I Begin?

Friday, November 1, 2019

Anthony Pantaleno, PhD, Barbara Fisher, PhD, Gabrielle Chiaramonte, PhD, Danielle Smith, PhD

Presentation followed by Question & Answer Period as Time Allows

This workshop will present a rationale for the necessity of seeking personal training in mindfulness as an essential prerequisite for the introduction of mindfulness-based practices in the classroom or in the counseling or psychotherapy session. An overview of the current clinical and school-based training models and curricula will be presented, with an emphasis on the unique nature of each. Participants will be provided with a sampling of online and course-based training venues, with a discussion of the parameters and costs embedded within each model.

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Dr. Pantaleno is proud to have contributed to

Perspectives on School Crisis Response: Reflections From the Field

Perspectives on School Crisis Response: Reflections From the Field is now available on Amazon, and I am honored to be one of the contributing authors. It is a must-read account of a diverse range of school crisis scenarios as told in the first person by the authors who experienced them, with an introduction to each type of crisis by the editors, Jeff Roth and Ben Fernandez. This is essential reading for all mental health school crisis team members, and serves as a resource for consultation about "what to do" in those extraordinary times of school crisis that demand the accumulated wisdom of best practices.

The chapters cover the following topics:

  • School Crisis Response to Transportation Accidents
  • School Crisis Response to the Death of a Student: (My chapter is here: Response to Sudden Deaths: A Primary Role for School Psychologists)
  • School Crisis Response to the Death of a Teacher/Staff Member
  • School Crisis Response to Death By Suicide
  • School Crisis Response to Natural Disasters
  • School Crisis Response to School-Related Violence
  • School Crisis Response to Child Maltreatment
  • School Crisis Response: Current and Future Directions

Order online at Amazon

Read Dr. Pantaleno's chapter on Mindfulness

in Cognitive Behavior Therapies: A Guidebook for Practitioners

This comprehensive book showcases different approaches to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and focuses on the implementation of these various theories in real-world practice. Following an overview of cognitive therapy, practitioners and scholars discuss behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, multimodal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and mindfulness. Each theory highlighted includes a profile of the theorist(s), an overview of the theory, a discussion of the therapeutic process, an array of targeted interventions, a verbatim case transcript, an analysis of the limitations of the theory, and reflective sidebars to facilitate learning. The final chapter presents a single case study discussed from the perspective of each particular theory.

Order online: www.counseling.org/bookstore

Dr. Pantaleno has been selected as the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)School Psychologist of the Year for 2013.

He is deeply grateful to all friends and colleagues for these honors and will strive to uphold them and the professionalism they represent.

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